The awards will take place on 6 December 2023, at Riyadh Marriott Hotel.
Nominations must be done online on the website:
  • Create a login ID
  • Select the category you would like to nominate in
  • Fill in form and upload a pdf (max 5 MB) with supporting information. Submit.
  • You can go back to your nominations through your login details and revise the nominations accordingly till the deadline.
  • Deadline for nomination : October 1, 2023
  • The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony.
  • Nominees differ depending on the category. Ensure that you go through the award guidelines and award eligibility thoroughly.
  • Third-party nominations also work; you can fill in your details as a new user and nominate your company, product, senior/colleague, and even yourself (depending on the category).
  • Ensure every nomination is as detailed as possible and follows the nomination criteria. The responses to questions should be concise and all supporting documents and media should be included in the PDF document within not more than 5 MB.
  • The nomination parameters are the best guide to an ideal nomination. Go through the same and prepare your document in advance – before nominating.
  • For any queries regarding nominations contact us: Tel: +971-4-2970 512,
    E-mail: samiya@mediafusionme.com/ fyna@mediafusionme.com/ swaliha@mediafusionme.com
One company can nominate in any 3 applicable categories with not more than 1 nomination in each category.
It would be ideal to have a senior spokesperson from the winning company to be available at the event to receive the award. If you, as an individual, have been nominated in any of the award categories, you must personally be present to receive the award.
If no one is available to represent the winner, the award will be passed on to the next eligible nominee.
You will meet senior-level executives from the commercial cleaning and hygiene, waste management and facilities management industries.
We will announce the shortlisted companies names on November 5, 2023.
The event schedule for Saudi Arabia Cleaning, Waste Management and FM Awards will be revealed soon.
The dress code is evening formals/business formals/national attire.
Anyone planning to attend the awards must book and pay for their tickets in advance. If you are a nominee, you are eligible for 1 seat. Ensure that you take advantage of our early-bird offer.
For Table & Seat bookings, please contact:

For Waste Management - Shazia Ashraf

For Cleaning & Hygiene - Aaliya Shaikh

For FM - Arvah Bohra

Sunu S. Nair
One full table accommodates 8 people. If you have 8 people attending from your company, you may choose to book a table. In case there are less than 8 attendees, you may book seats. If you have more than 8 and less than 16 attendees (which would ideally constitute 2 full tables), then you may book 1 table and the remaining number of seats.
Any number of people can attend from one company.
Yes, you may book a table for anyone as long as they are part of the industry.
Once the table/seat is booked, there will be no refund.
The hotel has a complimentary valet parking service for all our guests.


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